1-on-1 Course
Everyday Chinese
This is a thematic teaching program which is focusing on daily conversational Chinese.
Business Chinese
This is a business Chinese language course which is focusing on learning Chinese business vocabulary in different fields.
Newspaper Chinese
This course is a news-based course.
MTC Online For Kids
This course is designed for children and teenagers from 7 to 15 and focuses on general conversation in everyday life.
TOCFL Online Course
This course is designed for preparing for the TOCFL test, and it covers the key grammar and vocabulary for the TOCFL exam.
Customized Class
We will assign a teacher to discuss and plan the class content most suitable to you with you based on your level and professional background.
Online group class
Online group class (2023 term 3)
Online group class
Online group class (2024 term 1)
Online group class