Customized Class (1-on-1 Class)
MTC Online will customize a learning program for you based on your needs, interests, level, and schedule.
MTC Online For Kids
MTC Online will allow your children to continue their learning with MTC Summer Camp teachers via PCs, laptops, tablet computers or mobile phones.
Business Chinese
MTC Online Business Chinese Course introduces different topics in the lessons, such as “having a job interview” or “attending a conference.”
Everyday Chinese
MTC Online Everyday Chinese introduces various types of daily life topics in the lessons.
News Reading and Listening
By listening to Chinese news broadcasts, increase learners’ comprehension of the news content.
Chinese Reading and Writing
By learning the principles and Intensive Chinese characters, improve learner’s character recognition ,reading comprehension, and writing skills.
Chinese Conversation
Learners will learn how to describe various daily life events and express their opinions about these events.
TOCFL Online Curricula
MTC Online aim to help students preparing the TOCFL, and invites the writers of the TOCFL handbooks to give the class.