2024 TOCFL Course Online

MTC Online aim to help students preparing the TOCFL.

Tuition Registration Fee
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Registration status
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  • Teachers are familiar with the test format and are able to hold a mock examination during the courses.
  • The course is totally real time (not asynchronous online video class) and highly interacts with our teachers.

Application Dates and Class time(showed as Taiwan time)

  • Term 1: Registration date:~Jan. 19
    Class date:Feb 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27
  • Term 2: Registration date:~Mar. 8th
    Payment date:~Mar. 14th
    Class date:Mar. 26、27、28、29, Apr. 1、2、3
  • Term 3: Registration date:~Apr. 12th
    Payment date:~~Apr. 19th
    Class date:May 1、2、3、6、7、8、9
  • Class time:
    *2 class/ per class, 14 classes/ each session
    *Each lesson is 50 mins.
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