How to Select and Purchase a Course

1. How to register?
Please visit the Home Page and click [Register] and then enter your information to complete the registration.
2. How to select the course?
  1. Please register an account.
  2. Log in the webpage with the your account and passwords.
  3. Press [Purchase] button on the top of the site and complete the purchasing by following the instructions.
3. What can you do if you forget the passwords?
Login的the page and click [Forget the Passwords] and follow the instructions to retrieve your new passwords.
4. Is your course run on a semester system?
The course packages are divided into several kinds, namely 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours and 60 hours and our courses are not conducted in a semester system.
5. Are there any different course plans available?
If you want to focus on speaking or listening or any other learning demands of other subjects, such as technology, history or others, you can consider one-to-one tutoring at home. After you’ve chosen individual class and pay for it, we’ll arrange a teacher to have a brief online meeting with you and discuss over your leaning demands and customize the course for you.
6. Can the student visa be available for me if I have MTC Online courses?
MTC Online is an online course, and you don’t have to leave your country. So, we won’t provide you documents for visa application.
7. Can I pay by remittance because I don’t want to pay with credit card?
We only accept credit card payment online.
8. How to plan a 20-hour course? How other students do? Could you please give me some suggestions?
It depends on your demands. Many students have 2-hour courses at a time and a total of ten times. Others may have 1 or 1.5-hour course at a time.
9. As I work on a shift, I cannot attend the class at a regular time. Can I cancel my class any times?
You’re welcome to put forward such demand in the very beginning, so that we’ll contact the teachers if their working schedule is flexible. And after setting a preliminary schedule (such as Wednesday nights), you can adjust your class times with your teachers in the future.
10. What shall I do if I ‘m charged twice?
If you pay twice due to system error, you can write to our customer service mailbox and we’ll give you full refund. The refunds will be back to your credit card.
11. What kinds of credit card payment are acceptable?
We accept VISA, MasterCard and JCB.

Course Contents and Teachers

1. What is the priority of your course, reading, writing or spoken language?
Basically, the courses involve in all the language abilities (listening, speaking, reading and writing). But if you choose one-to-one courses, the schedule and contents will be arranged based on your demands. For example, if you desire to do more reading and writing practices, the teacher will make adjustments accordingly. Furthermore, the courses are carried out via the aid of PPT, including reading the articles aloud, interpreting the vocabularies and grammars, reading comprehension tests, vocabulary explanation and writing drills. You can also download Chinese character exercise books and practice writing at home.
2. Will there any homework be assigned after class?
Generally speaking, teachers will assign homework to students. For example, make several sentences with certain sentence patterns or prepare a brief oral presentation or preview the new vocabulary for the next class. But if you want more (or less) homework or require more (or less) homework of certain type, you should bring up your demands when you are communicating with our customer service staff in the very beginning so that we can take your demands into account when arrange teachers for you.
3. Can I pick a teacher?
If you have attended a class with a certain MTC teacher and you desire to be taught by the same teacher thereafter, you’re welcomed to put forward your request to our customer service staff. If you pick a certain teacher, you shall try to match with the teacher’s schedule. If you and your teacher’s schedule do not match, we’ll assign another teacher to you.
4. Is every online teacher MTC teacher?
Most of our teachers are from Mandarin Training Center. But most MTC teachers have classes during daytime, so we also recruit some outstanding senior teachers outside of MTC. You can feel rest assured with our teachers as they must go through rigorous training and review to be qualified for providing professional courses to you even if they are not from MTC. But if you expect teachers from MTC, you should inform our customer service staff in the very beginning.
5. Can I choose not to learn Chinese characters?
You can choose not to learn Chinese characters as long as you inform us in the very beginning since our courses are tailor-made. You may feel confused when entering into intermediate courses because there are many homophones and homonyms in Chinese characters. Moreover, although Chinese characters are difficult; the meanings of them can still be understood by their symbols. It’s conductive to your word memorizing if you persist in learning Chinese characters.
6. Will there be Pinyin or mandarin phonetic symbols (bopomo) in the textbooks? Which phonetic system is mainly applied?
Most of the textbooks are based on Hanyu Pinyin but part of them will be supplemented with mandarin phonetic symbols. If you have special learning demands, such as wishing to study mandarin phonetic symbols only, you’re welcome to raise your demands.
7. Can I choose to learn simplified Chinese characters?
Our courses teach traditional Chinese character as primarily and you’re recommended to learn traditional Chinese characters if you’ve never learned Chinese characters before. The students have learned traditional Chinese characters are able to understand simplified Chinese characters after learning several identification skills. But those who learn simplified Chinese characters find it hard to recognize traditional Chinese characters.
8. Do I need to buy textbooks when taking the synchronous online courses?
The teachers usually will prepare digital study materials for you. But if you want to learn more effectively, we encourage you to buy paper-form textbooks for preview and review.


1. How should I confirm that my devices are viable?
After your registration and purchasing, the customer service staff will arrange an online face-to-face talk with the teacher for you. And during the talk, you voice and network will be tested as well.
2. What software do I need to download to enter the synchronous classroom?
The classes are conducted with ZOOM online sync video software which will be automatically downloaded when you enter the classroom first time
3. Is there a difference between using wired and wireless Internet? Can I use 3G or 4G to have classes?
In general, the wired Internet is more stable than wireless one. However, according to our test, the networks of 3G/4G are not stable enough even though their connection speed is fast. You’re suggested to connect to a stable Internet service for a constant and steady learning.
4. How can I prepare the devices since I have two kids and I want them to attend class at the same time?
It’s recommended that they share the same computer and the computer can be connected to external microphone (laptops already have built-in microphones so it’s not required for laptops) and use a headphone splitter so that they can share the headphone and have class together.
5. How fast should my Internet service be?
We suggest that the bandwidth upload speed shall be over 1Mbps.Bandwidth Test
6. What do I need to prepare for class?
  1. A computer, tablet, or a smart phone whose operating system supports our platform.
  2. A pair of microphone.
  3. Video camera.

After class begins

1. What if something comes up and I cannot attend a class?
Please refer to regulations on taking leaves and make-up classes.
2. How soon should I finish the class hours I purchased?
The class hours shall be used within one year after buying them.
3. How can I adjust the class hours when there is a daylight saving time change?
The online courses are very flexible, so, before winter time or summer time starts, we will notify your teacher to discuss the new schedule with you. If there are any difficulties in adjusting to the new schedule, you can also change your class plan. For example, adjusting the original 2-hour class to 1.5 one or asking us to assign another teacher for the class.
4. Where to buy paper-form textbooks because I still want to learn with paper-form textbooks?
If you are in Taiwan you can buy them in bookstores or online bookstores. If you are abroad, you can buy Chinese textbooks through the following channels:
  1. Search Amazon for the textbook you need.
  2. Contact with Lucky Bookstore and inform them of the titles, quantity of the textbooks you need as well as your address. The bookstore will give you a quotation of the books and the shipping fee based on your location and the bookstore will send you the textbooks after you’ve paid in US dollar.
Please see its website for the contact information of Lucky Bookstore:

After the class

1. How can I get a refund if I decide to stop taking the class?
Please refer to Article 8 of MTC Online Terms of Serviceof Service for regulations on refunds:
If you are qualified for refund applications, please click here to download [Refund Application Form]. Please fill out, sign and scan it before sending it back to the customer service mailbox. The customer service staff will start the refund process.
2. Can I get a certificate after completing the class?
If you would like to request for a certificate, you can notify the customer service staff via email after completing the class and we’ll email you a certificate in the digital form.
3. Do your courses offer credits?
MTC courses do not offer credits, but you can ask your school if they recognize the class hours of MTC Online.