MTC Online Seasonal Program

MTC Online Seasonal Program
  1. To understand and learn the basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Be able to introduce yourself and others.
  3. Be able to ask questions and respond to questions about family, leisure activities, holidays, health work etc.
Target learners:
1.For students age 15+
2.Avid but restricted learners: Current global travel restrictions or other situations may have forced you to stay in your country, but MTC Online can bring you to the same class we continue to offer even in the global crisis of COVID-19. Come join our MTC Online Seasonal Program for A Course in Contemporary Chinese, you can begin or continue your Chinese learning journey with us right now! You can save money for the flight tickets, housing, and living expenses, and learn Chinese easily and safely at your own place, with us.

Link:MTC Online Seasonal Program

  1. 了解並學習運用基礎詞彙、語法。
  2. 具備介紹自己與他人的能力。
  3. 能提問並回答自己與他人相關資訊,如家庭、休閒生活、節慶、身體與健康、工作等