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Q & A


Q1:How to Select a Course?

A1:Please refer to Home Page Course Selection Process for the step-by-step procedure.

Q2:What if I can’t attend a session because something has come up?

A2:Please refer to Class Rules and Absence Policy.


Q3:What do I need to prepare for taking the course?

  1. Any of the following devices: PCs, Tablet Computers, or Smart Phones.
  2. Earphones and microphones.
  3. Web-cam devices(optional).


Q4:I don’t want to take the course anymore and want a refund, what should I do?

A4:Please refer to Registration the 6th article:of MTC Online Service Guidelines.

Q5:How to operate the E-Learning platform(adobe connect)?

A5:Please refer to Download the Instruction Manual for "Adobe Connect Sound and Image Setting"

Q6:What’s the price of the course?

A6:It's 20 hours for a term. Following are prices by terms:
  • 1-on-1 Tutorial: NT$ 16,300 (around US$545)
  • Group of 2 Students: NT$ 12,900 (around US$430)
Furthermore, we will offer promotional discounts from time to time. Please check our website or our Facebook Fan Page( the updated price. How will I pay and where will I pay? You can refer to our user guide( to complete the registration and payment on the site.

Q7:If I would get a certificate after taking one course?

A7:If you need to apply for a certificate, please apply it through giving us your address, and we will send Certificate of Learning Hours to you after finishing the class.

Q8:Do you run based on semester school schedules?

A8:We run based on different schedule by 20hours per term, not on semester school schedule.

Q9:Can I get college credit for courses taken with your school?

A9:MTC can’t offer college credit. According to our experience, you could discuss with your school if they accept our Online course as a credit course.

Q10:If I do MTC Online, I want to be in a group of three. Do I need to find two other people, or will MTC put me with the other two people?

A10:Because Group of 2 or 3 Students need 2 or 3 students to start the class, so if you can find other students, we can begin the class very soon. If you enroll in the group class by yourself, we will look for students at your level to open the class. However, we can not guarantee that we will find a sufficient number of students. If the class is unable to open, we will return the tuition fee you paid.

Q11:Are there different paced classes? Are there more relaxed paced classes?

A11:You may also consider 1-on-1 tutorial if you would like to focus on speaking and listening or have any other specific learning needs, such as particular interests in certain subjects (e.g. technology, history, or others.) After you choose an 1-on-1 tutorials and make the payment, we will assign a teacher to have a short online interview with you to discuss your learning needs and customize a class for you.
To arrange your class, please finish the registration at

Q12:What is the dead line to register for the classes?

A12:Because it takes time for us to arrange a teacher and test your software and hardware (including your microphone and earphones), the earliest time for the first day of class would be one week after you complete registration and payment. We’d like to remind you that the 2-student class and 3-student class are only available after we find enough number of students for each class. If there are not enough students sign up for a 2- or 3-students class suitable to your level, then the class will not be offered.
Under the circumstance, we will make a full refund or you may also consider finding 1 or 2 friends at the same level to join the class with you or taking a 1-on-1 class.

Q13:Can I have student visa by attending MTC online?

A13:MTC Online is a program conducted online, and you don't need to leave your country to attend the class. As a result, we are unable to issue you an admission letter for visa application. If you would like to stay in Taiwan to take Chinese courses, please go to MTC.( find information about our regular and intensive class.

Q14:Do these classes have a focus on reading and writing or just spoken?

A14:Basically, the class will focus on all language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking.) The class pace and content of one-on-one class are up to you. For example, if you want more practice on reading and writing , the teacher will adjust the content of the class. We use PPT for teaching reading, the class will include reading the article aloud, explaining vocabulary and syntax, reading comprehension tests, character teaching and writing practice. You may also download the character book and practice writing at home.

Q15:I would like to take the placement test online. However, it appears that the placement test requires a password.

A15:Please make sure that you registered before taking the placement test. Once you have your password you can take the placement test directly.