MTC Online
Course Information
Customized Class (1-on-1 Class)
  • MTC Online will customize a learning program for you based on your needs, interests, level, and schedule.
Business Chinese
  • MTC Online Business Chinese Course introduces different topics in the lessons, such as “having a job interview” or “attending a conference.”
Everyday Chinese
  • MTC Online Everyday Chinese introduces various types of daily life topics in the lessons.
News Reading and Listening
  • By listening to Chinese news broadcasts, increase learners’ comprehension of the news content.
Chinese Reading and Writing
  • By learning the principles and Intensive Chinese characters, improve learner’s character recognition ,reading comprehension, and writing skills.
Chinese Conversation
  • Learners will learn how to describe various daily life events and express their opinions about these events.
MTC Online For Kids
  • MTC Online will allow your children to continue their learning with MTC Summer Camp teachers via PCs, laptops, tablet computers or mobile phones.